US Media to Promote Amazon DSP in Mexico



USMC is excited to announce that it’s working with Amazon Demand-Side Platform (DSP) by promoting this powerful audience-data-driven technology in Mexico.

Amazon DSP is part of US Media Premium Solutions, which now offers a complete suite of products to better understand the consumer cycle within categories and to influence them on their purchasing decision process through their media consumption.

At a time where the number of Internet users in the region keeps growing and LatAm e-commerce continues to expand by 19% a year, Amazon DSP reinforces US Media focus on helping brands and agencies maximize their presence in LatAm.

“The data shows that consumers are clearly using Amazon as a search engine to look for products, so this is a fantastic opportunity for advertisers in Mexico to replicate the success that brands in other markets have had with Amazon DSP,” explains Bruno Almeida, CEO of US Media.

Amazon DSP enables advertisers to programmatically buy unique audiences and expose them to display and video ad placements: This first-party data can be used to reach, educate, and re-engage customers on and off Amazon. With Amazon DSP, advertisers in Mexico are able to tie their campaigns more directly to product purchase behavior by understanding how their customers made the decision to look for them (or their competitors), as well as other key data points, such as: related products that consumers are searching for, other products they usually buy, their preferred payment methods and even the media they consume on a daily basis.

“Working with Amazon DSP reinforces our value proposition of accompanying consumers through the funnel, starting with first learning about the product all the way to the final purchase. We also feel that this will deepen the offerings of US Media Premium Solutions to gain further insights about each attribution modeling and to offer best-in-class strategic plans to reach the appropriate consumers, at the appropriate time, to influence them with the right message like never before in our market,” explains Almeida.

If you’d like to learn more about US Media work with Amazon DSP or US Media Premium Solutions, please feel free to reach out to Bruno at: [email protected]