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#1 Dating app in the world

Thanks to its leadership in the market, Tinder allows us to know the habits and usage of the digital audiences to generate communication strategies and campaigns with greater conversion

Why advertise in Tinder?

Brazil is the second country with most users in this platform

Spend about 1 hour a day on the platform.
Access Tinder 6 – 7 times a day.
Sunday is the platform’s highest usage day.

Advantages of advertising

Offer products and services that your audience really needs

Increased connection and engagement with your brand.
Empathy generation with users values.
Qualified traffic to your website or for apps download
Average engagement rate and CTRs above market standards

Millennials and Z Generation

Users in Latin America spend in average 90 minutes online per day

Most common activities

68% Social Media
79% Messaging
70% Videos
58% Music
50% News
50% Games
32% Streaming


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