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BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing. It means the outsourcing of any department of your company.

BPO practice began in 1967 as outsourcing of non-core activities for companies and was formally proposed as a business strategy by Morton H. Meyerson, known for its time as Dupont CEO and also CTO of General Motors. After that movement in the 1990s, the idea of outsourcing call centers to foreign markets increased. Since US companies took initiatives to reduce their labor costs, they started to hire BPOs from countries like Bangladesh, the Philippines and India, a practice that was then adopted by Big Tech companies, such as Alphabet and Meta groups.

Today, BPO is practiced by most Fortune 500 companies, in all activities and departments. Looking to the future, the BPO market is projected to grow at a staggering CAGR of 8.3% and is expected to be worth $344 billion by 2026.

We are an advertising solutions hub that facilitates global publishers entry into Brazil and Latin America.

We’ve incorporated Business Process Outsourcing focused on Ad Sales & B2B Marketing into our offerings portfolio as an alternative to our Exclusive Ad Reselling traditional model as well as to our Clearing House service, providing an additional option by structuring specific front-office teams that work within the publisher’s environment in the Ad Sales and B2B Marketing segments.

Benefits of Outsourcing Consulting Ad Sales B2B MARKETING


Lowers publishers operational costs (Cost-Effective)


Improves Business Agility (Speed)


Allows publishers to focus on core clients while providing an option for growth in the midmarket and long-tail segments (Flexibility)


Supports growth, especially in global expansion, with experienced teams overseas that understand the market, its challenges, and opportunities.


Deep in market knowledge and expertise acquired over many years (Experience)


Is an alternative to working under a sales commission model (Transparency)

Services included in our BPO practice

- Customer Support Teams focused in Ad Sales & B2B Marketing.

- Front-Office Services Teams

- Multisource, Offshore & OnShore Outsourcing, depending on the publisher needs.

How do we address disadvantages normally seen in the BPO model?

- By drawing from our experience of working with exclusive partnerships to mitigate communication problems that typically arise in the flow of operations.

- By operating in the same time zone having teams based in each country in the region.

- By offering publisher control through Monthly Business Reviews and Quarterly Business Reviews to align the business actual status.

Our reselling expertise is proven by reporting an accumulated growth of +152% within 4 years of partnerships, with an Average of +38% in every year (US Media Internal Information)
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