US Media offers Clearing House services to any company that finds issues related to invoicing and collection in Latin America.

A clearing house is an institution formed to facilitate the exchange (i.e., clearance) of payments transactions.

The clearing house stands between two firms: an entity outside Latin America and an entity inside Latin America.


You can reach shoppers anywhere in the marketing funnel, including consumers who have shown recent intent to buy the brand’s (advertiser’s) products but haven’t purchased yet.

Avoid administrative burden

Us Media handles all the work

Save money

Us Media’s fee is lower than Withholding Tax

Professionalized process

Signed contract.
Real-time status system


Clients decide the level of participation
in the process they feel more comfortable


76 billion market capitalization companies trusts us


With local tax and business laws

List of services

Invoice in local currency

Us Media offers this services in Brazilian Reais, Mexican Pesos, Guatemala Quetzales, Colombian Pesos, Chilean Pesos, Peruvian Soles, Argentinean Pesos, Ecuadorian Dollars and others

Collections efforts

Transfer funds

Remit payment to Publisher

Payment to publisher
in any country

A customized solution

Us Media customizes solutions
for each of our partners.

There are different tasks and processes that our team can carry out for specific needs.

Allows multiple clicks and product promotion.


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