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We connect your brand with strategic digital segments

Providing integrated data-driven solutions for travel advertising and connecting destinations and travel brands with potential travelers at scale.

Servicing Destinations, Airlines, OTAs/Metas, Travel and Non-Travel Brands. Providing them with solutions to inspire, attract and win travelers​. ​

More than 100 experts, combining know-how from data science, advertising and travel industry. ​

Why work with travel audience?

Best-in-Class Travel Expertise Backed by Amadeus

As an Amadeus company, their accomplished team of experts combines the know-how, skills and assets of a leading global travel technology company.

Travel audience acts as a DSP with exclusive access to first-party data generated by Amadeus, that serves as a DMP.
This unprecedented travel first-party data is the largest one in the world and is optimized real time.

1.8+ billion Passengers boarded in 2018 with Amadeus and Navitaire solutions

640+ million Total bookings processed in 2019 using the Amadeus distribution platform

With travel audience, Destinations and Brands can target consumers by buying audiences based on a relevant segmentation from this amazing first-party data.

No more assumptions! No more look-alikes!
No secondary data! No third-party data!


Well-established working relationships with prominent Destinations across the globe.

travel audience empowers advertisers with the intelligent solutions leveraging all types of data from traveler behavioral data to programmatic and campaign data. The outcome is an agile targeting, designed to reach and track the ideal traveler and to achieve the highest Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS) possible.

Highly evolved AI technology powers all their advertising offering allowing to offer scalable and easy-to-use solutions. By performing real-time big data analysis, travel audience delivers measurable results for advertisers worldwide.

Key partnerships with Premium Publishers and Data Partners, highly specialized in travel, are an unparalleled source of quality and brand safety. In this way relevant targeting based on travelers’ search and booking preferences is ensured and applied

Highly evolved AI technology powers all of travel audience’s advertising offering allowing to provide scalable and easy-to-use solutions.

Purpose-built proprietary technology empowers advertisers with agile targeting, designed to reach and track the ideal visitor in the right moment with the right message.

travel audience provides deeper and more granular target segmentation in-market and customization of audiences. Customer journey is covered in its integrity, from awareness to conversion.

By performing real-time big data analysis, travel audience delivers measurable results for advertisers worldwide

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