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Global leader in enterprise tech demand generation

TechTarget is the web’s leading destination for enterprise technology buyers. More than 19 million registered members rely on TechTarget for the decision-support content they need to make smart purchase decisions for their companies. And when they opt in, they give TechTarget permission to analyze and share their buyers’ journeys with you — as purchase intent data. So you can market and sell to them in much more relevant, helpful and productive ways.

Why advertise on TechTarget?

TechTarget has over 560K members within its LatAm network.

With efforts powered by real purchase intent data, that means you’ll identify and generate more high-quality leads faster and with less waste.

28% Membership growth annually from LATAM
#1 Highest growth domain in B2B tech, delivering 96% organic traffic
65+ LATAM programs annually
32K LATAM leads generated annually
6M yearly pageviews from LATAM
150 Websites and 50+ local language sites globally
 1,000 Industry experts contributing to technical decision-support content
 75,000 new content assets added globally per year

Advantages of TechTarget marketing programs

TechTarget delivers unprecedented B2B buyer insights for use in creating more effective advertising, more productive lead generation, more opportunities for sales and more revenue for you.

You’ll know exactly what your target audience cares about
You’ll know what messages will resonate
Your campaigns will be more effective because you know the actual people you’re reaching out to


Direct access to the industry’s only opt-in Prospect-Level Intent™ data so you can use TechTarget’s audiences and insights to boost your marketing & sales success

Key Benefits:

High volumes of high-quality priority-ranked accounts and qualified prospects in your market at a low cost-per-contact


Improved outcomes of any digital marketing effort (e.g. ABM, webinar, Channel, MQL/nurturing)


• No software to install
• 1-click access
• Higher yields on marketing & sales investments

Priority Engine Turns B2B Purchase Insight into Sales

And when it comes to leads, TechTarget’s artificial intelligence (AI)-driven recommendation engine leverages this knowledge to find the best leads specifically for you.

Content that is pupose-built to find buyers when they’re looking to make a technology purchase

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