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Different solutions for your digital strategy using the best platforms in the market.

Why use Premium Solutions?

We created a full circle media technology solution uniquely focused on delivering real strategic value to brands, agencies, CMOs and content owners, fulfilling their need to maximize revenue and brand presence through data analytics, social + paid and owned media.

How do we do it?

With a simple and effective “3P” formula:


By partnering with best-of-breed technology companies. We are technology agnostics and solely focused on our clients’ needs.


Investing on a multidisciplinary team composed of strategic roles that come mostly from local agencies & advertisers and understand the local market flavor, managed by a regional team, based in the US (where our best-in-class partners are).


We have exported best-in-class industry processes from our international partners and we have adapted them to the local needs and execution.

What do we do?

Premium Solutions takes into consideration effective communication strategies to maximize business results.
We guide agencies and advertisers on how to better segment, what are the best moments to run advertisements and what is the appropriate message to communicate with consumers.

strategic frameworks

Strategic Frameworks

We recommend execution based on market intelligence. We measure at a tactical and business level.

data and DMP

Data & DMP:

We are 100% data-driven and integrate the online and offline worlds to the point of measuring in-store customer visits. We also specialize in travel, e-commerce & B2B.



Our approach is agnostic and solely focused on our clients’ needs. We manage different technologies with different capabilities and features.




Our multi-format Cross Device tool improves engagement. Brands and agencies only pay only for complete views.

programmatic buying

Programmatic buying

In Premium solutions we manage the most popular programmatic inventory in different platforms.




We built a solid team to deliver the right message, in the right format, in a timely fashion. We deploy Dynamic Creative Optimization tactics to better reach client’s objectives.

viewability and ad fraud

Viewability & Ad Fraud

All our partners guarantee viewability and are protected against bots and fraud. We can also work with viewability and ad fraud partners independently for specific clients’ requirements.



We measure based on client’s objectives. Our three-layered measurement approach assures data collection at both a tactical and business level.

attribution modeling

Attribution Modeling

We measure the whole path to conversion and not only the last click. We partner with different technologies to also measure at a business level (brand lift, etc).

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