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Exclusive Audiences

Amazon’s unique advantage is that it lets advertisers programmatically buy display and video ads using customers (its buyers) targeting data only available through Amazon.

Why use Amazon DSP?

You can reach shoppers anywhere in the marketing funnel, including consumers who have shown recent intent to buy the brand’s (advertiser’s) products but haven’t purchased yet.

Why Advertise in Tinder?
Brazil is te second country with
most users in this plataform

  • 1 thousand million swipes are registered every minute.
  • Spend about 1 hour a day on the plataform.
  • Acess Tinder 6 – 7 times a day.
  • Sunday is the plataform highest usage day.


Set exclusive audiences based on buyer interactions with brand’s (advertiser’s) products on Amazon.

Six unique targeting options:





Audience Lookalike

Advertiser Audiences

Brand safeguards:


Both own and third-party solutions, from manual site reviews to real-time bid evaluation, to uphold quality standards and brand safety



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