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Experience and leadership in selling multichannel advertising within Latin America


US Media Consulting

Founded in 2003 by its current Executive Director, Bruno Almeida, US Media Consulting was born as a successful company, achieving sales of over one million dollars during its first year of operations. Since then, the company has had more than 4,000% increase in revenues, reaching 25 million dollars in 2011 and expanding its presence in Latin America with operations in USA, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Guatemala. Our world-class, multidisciplinary team is committed to creating tailor-made solutions to address different marketing goals using many channels: internet, print media, television, outdoor advertising, social media and mobile

Our Leaders

US Media Consulting

Bruno Almeida


Considered a Pioneer in understanding the habits of the internet users since the mid-90s, reaching the dream that he visualized at the age of 17; establish his own advertising agency.

Since 2003, the effort of Bruno and his team has placed US Media Consulting as one of the leading media representation and placement firms from the United States for Latin America.

Ignacio Roizman


With a Digital Marketing experience of 20 years in the US and Latin America market, he has been responsible for the digital advertising, creative services and media planning departments in several organizations.

Within his expertise, he has worked with areas such as multicultural marketing, leadership in opening new offices and subsidiaries of startups, development and execution of product launches in different markets, programmatic media purchase, RTB (digital advertising purchase methods) and DPS (Demand Side Platform).

Uziel Apaez

Finance Director – LATAM

Uziel received a degree in Accounting and Finance at Escuela Superior de Comercio y Administración (IPN), Mexico, and has 13 yeas of experience in the field, working for internacional companies such as ASR Inc, Grupo AXO and IMS.

He currently is our Finance Director LatAM and oversees a multi-disciplinary accounting and administrative team in Mexico, Brazil, USA and Colombia.

Adrián García

Partnerships Director

Marketing & Communications leader with over 20 years of international experience in B2C and B2B digital marketing and advertising industries in US Hispanic and Latin American markets.

Adrian has been delivering competitive edge strategies, managing and developing cross-functional teams and promoting a winning culture, fostering accountability to exceed performance goals and expectations, and growing revenues.

He was a former Regional Media Director at IPG Mediabrands and VP of Strategy & Client Services at Latin3.