Our media will maximize your message’s impact.

Besides US Media Consulting's 3,500+ media partnerships and exclusive media representation, our proprietary media offer even more effective ways for clients to get their message across to Brazilians, Latin Americans and U.S. Hispanics. Here’s how.

Jumba Display Network delivers:

more reach

Launched in 2007, our Jumba Display Network offers 1,700+ sites in 15 key categories, including newspapers, magazines, entertainment, cars, tech, business/finance, sports, social media and more. Our Jumba sites reach 21.8 million monthly users in 17 countries in Latin America plus U.S. Hispanics while generating 1.5 billion impressions a month

less risk

Typical banner ads present risk because it’s difficult to tell if you’ll get the response you want. Jumba’s deep diversity and varied pricing models let you buy what you want: registrations on your site, direct sales, visits and volume.

refined results

Jumba clients can use our specialized software and inventory to fine-tune their approaches in terms of prices and results. Starting with a CPM campaign, for example, they can establish real-market values for CPL or CPA campaigns. This allows them to get the most out of their budgets and obtain maximum ROI for all future campaigns.

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Jumba Mobile Network offers:

a surging market

Latin America is experiencing a mobile revolution. Consider:

  • 630 million mobile connections—world’s third-largest mobile market
  • 105% cell phone penetration rate
  • Latin America will have 750 million mobile connections by 2015
  • 99.8% of Internet service subscriptions in 2011 in Brazil were for mobile access
  • Smartphone sales were up by 165% in Brazil, 100% in Argentina and 78% in Mexico in 2011
  • Latam will have 333 million mobile broadband subscriptions by 2015
a range of options

Via Jumba Mobile’s network of 150+ sites, you can target your audience by:

  • Demographic group
  • Geographic area (country, state or DMA)
  • Carrier
  • Handset, brand or operating system
  • Applications and sites
  • Age of handset
  • Time of day or day of the week
  • Frequency, Wi-Fi or location-based
a number of approaches

Ad formats include QR codes, traditional display in a range of sizes, rich media or text.

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Jumba Video Network brings together:

a growing audience
  • 86% of Latin American Internet users watch videos online
  • Latam has 98 million unique online video viewers: the #1 audience in the world for online videos
  • Mexico watches the most online videos: 10.6 hours per month per person
  • Internet users in Argentina, Brazil and Colombia average at least 8 hours a month per person watching online videos
a growing market
  • Online video ad spend will spike by 40% in 2012
  • Ad spend on online videos in Latin America went up 58% in 2011
a lot of placement opportunities

Jumba Video Network offers more than 35,000 monthly video views in key Latam markets, including:

  • 12,000 in Brazil
  • 10,000 in Mexico
  • 5,000 in Argentina
  • 3,000 in Colombia
a variety of formats

Our transparent inventory features 100,000 view blind and diverse formats that include:

  • User-initiated, linear 15/30-second spots, above the fold
  • Non-linear 15-second spots
  • Video files, VAST tags and VPAID tags

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