We’ll get your message across.

Our Web team only sells Web. Our print team only sells print. Our broadcast team only sells broadcast. Our OOH team only sells…you get the idea.

US Media Consulting's media specialists specialize even further by market: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, U.S. Hispanics, etc.

And so do our account executives, who expertly manage campaigns in every key market and across all of Latin America.

We deliver powerful web results by:


When we launched our firm in 2003, one of the areas we focused on was commercializing the online inventory of Latin American newspapers. But we quickly expanded our contacts among online media outlets in Latam through campaigns for new clients, representation and other services. As such, today we have longstanding relationships with thousands of sites—including longtails and verticals—to help agencies reach the 300 million Internet users in Latin America.


We deliver highly specific audience segments every day for our clients. Moms 25-44 in Argentina, Latin American business executives across the region, gamers in Mexico, luxury travelers in Brazil—name your audience, we’ve probably already reached them with a campaign. And if we haven’t, we know how to do it.


Thousands of campaigns taught us what works best. Beyond experience, our proprietary software allows us to get the most impact for each campaign in terms of format, frequency and other key variables.


CPA, CPC, CPM, CPL: pick the pricing model that works best for you. We’ve handled them all, know the pros and cons of each and how they work best with different types of campaigns.


We’re skilled at going beyond the banner with rich media and content to draw in users and drive response.

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What drives our print power is:


Over the years we've built relationships with the top print publishers in Latin America—and we work with them every day. We know their audiences, their reach and the results they deliver in the real world. And we’ll use this knowledge to craft a custom strategy to deliver the audience you’re after.


Years of campaigns have built insider relationships with top magazines and newspapers in every key segment. For clients, this means we can get you the price, positioning and format you need.


Execution is everything with a print campaign. Starting with the insertion order and ending with the tearsheets, our specialized traffic team will ensure your campaign flows according to plan and hits all its objectives.

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We deepen brand equity by:


Working with radio and TV stations around the region allows US Media Consulting to align brands with their specific target audiences and maximize ROI. This network of media—which includes Globo TV, Televisa and HBO Brasil—also yields a range of competitive pricing options for clients.


A specialized team ensures efficient execution of campaigns and detailed reports showing fulfillment.

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We strengthen branding efforts through:


Every year, US Media Consulting manages dozens of out-of-home (OOH) campaigns throughout Latin America. So we have the on-the-ground insights into the high-impact areas.


Long-standing relationships with 400+ providers all over the region mean competitive prices. But they also mean we’ll get your ads in the high-traffic places they need to go: airports, shopping centers, transit stops and events.


Pick your format. Chances are, we know it and have already executed it. Everything from digital billboards and MUPIs to bulletins, 8-sheets, 30-sheets, building wraps, wall wraps and backlights is on our OOH menu—with more available, depending on your needs.


OOH specialists ensure ease of execution and creative solutions as needed.


Our OOH process is simple. Clients tell us their goals and budget. We handle the rest.
They love the results.

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