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MediaDesk DSP Launches Audience-Based Programmatic Buying for Latin America

July 03, 2014

MediaDesk, the Latam DSP, announced today a new partnership that allows clients to run digital media campaigns targeting specific audiences on real time, based on demographic and behavioral data provided by Navegg, the largest data marketplace in the region. 

This integration is available as of today to both MediaDesk self-service and managed clients, providing advertisers access to real time targeting capabilities with data on more than 70 million users on Navegg’s database among the more than 120 million already available on MediaDesk.

Audience-based buys provide advertisers a unique way to ensure their campaigns are on target. Agencies can now buy campaigns based on the types of customers they wish to reach, such as Women 25+ AB or users interested in travel/tourism or users interested in specific brands such as Fiat or American Express or even consumers that have shown purchase intent with TV sets.

“Buying by audience is one of the key elements that make programmatic buying so effective,” explains Raúl Galofre, GM of MediaDesk. “Up to now this capability hasn’t been widely available in Latin America, but through our partnership with Navegg and rapidly growing base of clients, we’ll be changing that.”

MediaDesk’s partnership with Navegg is the first on a series of integrations with a growing number of data and audience verification firms. “With deeper data and our proprietary RTB (real-time bidding) platform, MediaDesk is the only DSP in Latin America to provide audience based buy in local currency, with transparent inventory pricing on a platform available in Spanish, Portuguese and English. We make it easier for agencies to deliver more efficient and effective online campaigns for their clients,” explains Galofre.

Of course, the best way for advertisers and agencies targeting Latin America to see the impact of programmatic buying by audience is to set up a quick demo from the MediaDesk team by contacting

About MediaDesk
Launched in 2012, MediaDesk is the premier programmatic buying platform in Latin America. Its user-friendly features are specifically designed for the Latin American market and allow media, advertising and interactive agencies to spike their revenues by implementing and managing programmatic ad campaigns for their clients.

About Navegg
Founded in 2008, Navegg is Latin America's largest data company and the standard audience data player for publishers and advertisers. Navegg provides data management platform technology and generates actionable audience data on more than 150 million users every month. By partnering with more than 100.000 sites, blogs, top tier portals, shopping comparison sites and e-commerce sites, Navegg extracts each user’s purchase intent, interests, demographics and more.


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