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Media Consumption in Latin America December 2013

January 31, 2014
New statistics on media consumption in Latin America from TGI Latina

This report from TGI Latina offers a range of findings about media consumption in Latin America, especially cross media use in which Latin Americans are watching more TV online, listening to more radio online and reading more newspapers and magazines online. Some of the findings are summarized below:

According to the latest 2013 TGI.NET data, which now encompasses four countries (Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Colombia since 2013), media consumption has gained momentum on digital platforms in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico since 2011, reflecting a 24% increase in online viewing of TV shows, a 16% increase in online radio listening, a 9% increase in online magazine readership and a 6% increase in online newspaper readership. Overall internet penetration has increased 13% during the same time period, providing an even larger base for growth. There are sharp differences by country, with Brazil topping the list in growth since 2011 and Colombia in online media usage penetration in 2013.

Some platforms and media have become more adept at following the consumer
throughout the day. The increase in mobile and smart phone usage are likely to be
strong contributing factors to the increase in media consumption (TV and radio).
Marketers must then devise appropriate ways to communicate about their brands with
mobile users or they risk missing an opportunity to transition with consumers as they
move from activity to activity throughout the day. As reflected in the table below, 10%
of mobile/online users have watched a TV show in the last 30 days, a 100% increase
since 2011.

The sharp increase in online TV viewing and online radio listening are indicators that
the online media consumer is sharing his or her time across platforms or adding to the
overall consumption, thereby offering multiple touch points for marketers. Overall
media consumption is increasing in Brazil, Mexico and Argentina, specifically for
newspapers, magazines and cable, indicating even greater opportunities for media and
marketers within the next five years.

Download the complete report here.


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