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Helping a Major Brand Retain its Core Audience During a Major Rebranding Campaign

February 06, 2013
US Media Consulting helped a client adapt the creative for a rebranding to use it to retain its core audience via spots on an important business TV channel.
client type

A mobile phone brand

client objective

Ensure the brand retained its core audience of male business executives during a rebranding.

solution + execution

This mobile phone brand had rebranded itself to reach women and families—yet still needed to retain its appeal to male businessmen.  However, all of the brand’s available creative was designed to appeal to women and families, not the core audience.

We worked with the client to integrate some of its new creative into a spot that tied it to a stock market databoard showing top stocks in Latin America in real time. We ran the spot on Bloomberg TV’s Latin American network. 


We reached the target audience, helped the brand retain its core audience and helped the client to avoid incurring the cost of new creative for the campaign. 






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