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Monetizing a Hot New Social Media Game

February 05, 2013
We recognized the potential of a hot new social media game in the Brazilian market and were the first to monetize it.
client type

A popular game played on both social media and on mobile devices.

client objective

Leverage the game’s huge audience and sell advertising on the game for the first time ever.

solution + execution

From experience we knew that social games were hugely popular in Brazil—and that this particular game had quickly amassed a huge following in the country. We also knew that the mobile version of this game also had huge potential in Brazil because of the explosion in smartphone and tablet sales in the country.

Because of this, our Brazil team worked with the game’s developer and a major agency to create a compelling ad format that complemented the game. We then approached major advertisers and educated them on the potential of the medium to reach millions of Brazilians.   


With 7 days, the first advertiser with the game reported receiving more than 400,000 clicks on their ads and a CTR of 5%.



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