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Converting Tech Users into Tech Buyers

February 04, 2013
US Media Consulting leveraged the power of newspaper Web sites in Latin America to drive sales for a technology brand.
client type

A technology product manufacturer

client objective

Increase unit sales by converting users into buyers in Latin America

solution + execution

We initially considered segmenting the client campaign towards technology sites but quickly realized that given the nature of the client’s product, all Internet users in Latin America would be the target.

As such, we ran the campaign in traffic-rich sites, skewing the buy in favor of Latin American newspaper sites. This is because Latin American newspaper sites have high engagement levels—and in fact function as de facto Internet portals in various markets. As such, Latin American Internet users spend lots of time on these newspaper sites. As a result, we concluded that it would be more likely for them to see the banners for this campaign. We combined this strategic selection with dynamic creative submitted by the client that was time-sensitive and had a strong call-to-action.


The client reported a strong spike in sales due to the campaign.



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