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Reaching Business lLaders through a Targeted OOH Campaign

January 07, 2013
We used a creative solution to skillfully circumvent a competitive disadvantage.
client type

A major international financial institution

client objective

Reaching business leaders at a financial event

solution + execution

In this case, the challenge was that the client’s competitor had secured the main sponsorship for the event, so there was little opportunity for branding for the client with their targets onsite.

However, US Media Consulting’s offline media specialists knew that most—if not all—attendees at the event would be arriving at the city’s airport. As such, we created an impactful out-of-home (OOH) campaign in all of the key areas that attendees would traverse upon arriving. We used digital screens as part of the campaign, with screens placed in a row to reach attendees walking toward baggage claim. 


Strong, memorable brand presence for the financial institution that reached the attendees before the competitors and thus delivered key initial impact.



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