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Social Games Market in Brazil Set to Hit $238 million by 2014

August 30, 2012
New research shows a rapidly growing social games market in both Brazil and Latin America

According to research released by social research firm SuperData, the social games market in Brazil—worth $136 million by the end of 2011—will be worth $238 million by 2014. In addition, by 2014 there will be 52 million social gamers in Brazil. As of 2011, Brazil accounted for 35% of the social gaming market in Latin America. The average revenue per paying user in Brazil is US$1.87, which is 50 cents less than in North America.

Beyond Brazil, social games are taking off in the rest of Latin America. According to SuperData Research, there will by 95 million social gamers in Latin America by 2014 and in that year the social gaming market in Latin America will be worth $432 million.

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