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Engaging Brazilian Consumers with Strategic Content Marketing Online

July 03, 2012
Through strategically placed branded content, we delivered massive engagement and powerful results for a major consumer brand in Brazil.
client type

A major international health brand

client objective

Engaging Brazilian consumers with compelling branded content and not just banner ads. 

solution + execution

Since US Media Consulting is the exclusive representative of Brazilian portal iG in Latin America, we used this medium to achieve the client’s objectives.
While banner ads are effective, we saw an opportunity to use content to attract users and reinforce the brand's positioning. As such, we worked with the client to create a subchannel of content that was directly related to the client’s product. We then drove traffic to the content via strategically banners throught iG’s site to target key segments: men, women, children. The concept was to take advantage of the power of content marketing to engage consumers in Brazil with relevant information while enhancing branding efforts.


Powerful increases in click-thru rates (CTRs), page views to the content, time spent on the site and overall traffic surges. The client converted its customers into an audience that regularly seeks out the client’s content and values their expertise—as well as their products.



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