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Launched in 2005, Triggit is a demand-side platform (DSP) known for offering innovative approaches to online media buying. It’s one of a handful of firms worldwide that has access to Facebook Exchange’s social ad inventory. US Media Consulting has partnered with Triggit to expand retargeting via Facebook Exchange throughout Latin America.


Via specialized technology, Triggit tracks the products that individual internet users look at (but do not buy) on both e-commerce and travel sites. When these internet users log into Facebook, the technology shows them an ad for the product they looked at earlier—in some cases within 5 minutes.


With this personalized approach, Facebook retargeting produces conversion rates that are 10 times higher than those of regular banners.


In Latin America, the sharp growth of e-commerce and Facebook penetration of more than 90% make the region a prime market for Facebook retargeting. The technology and strategy are ideal fits for e-commerce and e-travel websites in Latin America that wish to spike their sales via greater conversion.

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